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Fascination With Worms

I wish I had a scientific mind; I’m fascinated with DNA and its immense complexity. DNA played a major part in converting the much published atheist author Anthony Flew, to recognising a form of theism, although not Christian theism. A little … Continue reading

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Why Did God Command Abraham To Sacrifice Isaac?

“It is not a true story protested one lady, a Christian representative on a recent BBC ‘Big Questions’ programme. Presenter Nicky Campbell had asked, and what about God asking Abraham to go and sacrifice Isaac’? It might not be the … Continue reading

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When Grace Wore A Badge

It has been said about us drivers that the last thing to be converted is our ‘right foot’. How do we react when we are caught speeding? What are our instinctive reactions to the distinctive markings of the vehicle we … Continue reading

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‘The Big Questions’ And BBC Anti-Christian Bias?

An Adventist pastor joined the debate on the BBC’s ‘The Big Questions’, discussing the ‘end of the world’. There was a lot of laughter at his concept of the Second Coming of Jesus and his biblical understanding of the end of the age. … Continue reading

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Tributes To Leading Anglican: John Stott Dies At 90

Links to tributes follow this article. I first visited All Souls to hear Dr John Stott in the mid-70s. I have visited several venues since then when he was the speaker. Back in the 70s (?) I recall buying two tapes by … Continue reading

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John 3:16

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life

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‘The Importance Of The Cross’ by Phillip Yancey

What is the importance of The Cross to the Christian faith? Phillip Yancey shares his thoughts.

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Children & The Images Of The Tsunami?

When I first saw the image on the news of the powerful and destructive force of the tsunami that struck Japan I was left speechless. And then come the trickling news of the tragic loss of life with the numbers … Continue reading

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