God’s Grace And Our Free Will

We have dealt with the ‘Law of God’ in previous posts but now what is meant by ‘Grace’ and Prevenient Grace, and Irresistible Grace? And what is Common Grace? Are some people ‘predestined’ for God’s kingdom and others predestined to be lost? Are some people elected and others not elected for God’s kingdom? Would we know who are the special elect? Where does ‘Free Will’ come into the scheme of salvation? Is God fair in his plan of saving humankind, saving some who are born to be the ‘elect’ and condemning others who are born to be lost? What about the New Birth or Conversion or Regeneration? What about the Gospel and ‘saving faith’? What is the ‘Reformed theology of Regeneration? Read Ben Witherington as he tackles the thorny issue of Calvinism V Wesleyanism.

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